R-PLANET: Is it Still Worth it to Play in April 2021?

RPLANET – Is It Still Worth It To Play in April 2021?

If your into the WAX Blockchain Space (you probably are, since your reading this article) you probably heard of RPlanet, the staking game where you try to create new elements with AETHER (Which is generated by rigs.) In this article you will learn how you can passively earn AETHER (which can be converted to WAX!) and if it its worth it or not to start now.

How can you start RPlanet Staking?

Rplanet is pretty easy to start, you just need to make an account on “rplanet.io”, go to the “Staking” page, then click Stake on the items you want to stake.

Is it Worth It Buying Rigs?

While you may be attracted by the 130 day (or less) ROI on Aether Rigs, it is extremely risky. This is because of the volatile and downwards trending AETHER, especially with all these mining rig sales. Something I would do instead of buying rigs is staking your spare abundant Alien Worlds NFTs. This doesn’t give much AETHER, but if you have loads of Abundants, you can earn a small chunk of Aether an hour.

What Game Should I Play Instead?

That’s really your choice, though Upland or Uplift (when it releases) could be great to play.

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