Uplift: Minecraft Meets NFTS on WAX

The time is quickly approaching for another highly anticipated launch on the WAX blockchain and this time the action will take place in the 3d world that is Minecraft. Uplift is a brand new game where players can mine, build, buy land and explore an open world with names from some of the top projects on WAX setting up interactive attractions within the world. Sounds fun right? Did I mention all of these actions will earn you WAX!

Many players are waiting to jump into Uplift and have questions about how this project will work, and most importantly when WAX Gamers can enter the world? DrYunani is the games community manager and was recently kind enough to grant us an exclusive interview. In this interview DrYunani provides insight about the projects amazing features and perhaps a bit of speculation on the anticipated Uplift launch date.

For those unfamiliar with the project could you please explain what Uplift actually is?

‘In a simplified way I would say it is Minecraft World that while you play it you also win crypto and NFTs.’

I noticed the developers said that initially players will be rewarded for walking around, and that land owners will be rewarded when people visit their land. What types of actions will be rewarded in the future?

Both the land/rail owners and the players will win WAX while playing, in the future there will be the possibility to win NFTs as well. I also expect the various collaborating projects, such as CryptoMonkeys, LeftHouse, MetaForce, Cryptopick etc to also give the opportunity to the players to win their own NFTs or crypto, but that is something each project will decide.

The developers stressed the fact that there would be plenty of chances to buy more land in the future. Will there ever be a cap on land?

There are certainly limitations non the less the size of the World give us the opportunity to expand it if we see the need. You have to understand that the first plots will always have at least the extra benefit of their location the next sale will be in the Chik’n Kaaah City.

Will there be community areas where everyone can build/mine?

Not at this stage only land owners and their invitees ( Details will be available soon ).

I know this question is asked all of the time, but could you please inform our readers as to when the game will actually launch or about any progress towards launch that has been made recently?

‘No specific date as we want to make sure that our technicians have all the time they need to create a smooth experience from day one. Tomorrow Tuesday, March 30th there is the first breaking the server event. ( I guess you seen the poster on our discord server ) so we are very close to the launch day.’

Will players need to install any mods in addition to Minecraft Java Edition to play Uplift?

Keeping in mind that our technicians are still working, so things might change, at the time being the answer is no, all you need is MineCraft Java 1.16.4

Could you please tell gamers what separates Uplift from other games on WAX?

‘There are definitely plenty of things, so to keep it short, I will name the three I feel are the most important. First, you win WAX! Second, the number of collaborating projects in the game and what this brings to the players! Third, the limitless environment UpliftWorld provides just, let your imagination run wild. PS: There are some amazing ones that I’m afraid I still can not disclose, so just keep your eyes and ears open!’

What made the team choose the WAX blockchain for deployment of the project?

‘The combination of the financial and technical futures of the WAX blockchain.’

Uplift sounds like it has amazing potential and I am sure players are awaiting impatiently for the debut of the project. Thanks again to the Uplift staff and DrYunani for answering our questions about the project.

WAX Gamer will keep you updated with all of the latest Uplift news!

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