R-PLANET Announces Land Sale!

R-PLANET is starting to cement itself as one of the key players in the blockchain gaming ecosystem. The games players have steadily risen over the past month and it now boasts well over two thousand daily players. That’s good enough for the sixth place ranking in the games category on Dapp Radar. The project now hopes to continue it’s run of recent momentum as it has announced a new land sale. In today’s article we will have a look at the exciting details of the upcoming sale and tell you how active players can receive a 50% discount!

What is R-PLANET Land?

The first run of land in the game will consist of 5,000 pieces and will first be offered to active players within the community for a 50% discount. The teams medium account laid out the details of the upcoming land release on Friday and the below quote summarizes the details.

The R-Planet surface consists of four different types of soil. Each plot contains only one of four unique R-Planet basic elements:

  • Wecanite
  • Waxon
  • Caponium or
  • Enefterium

Each of these previously unknown elements has their own powerful characteristics

By extracting them, the chipped animals will be able to build fighting robots and to fight for their colonies.

So, according to their article each land will have unique characteristics.

How do I buy R-PLANET Land?

In order to purchase land in R-PLANET’s initial sale you will need to be an active member of the community and be whitelisted by the project. Active players of the game will have access to the first 5,000 plots at a 50% discount. The team has assured the community that the details on this process will be released soon!

How much will R-PLANET Land cost?

The initial sale will consist of two different land packs. Each pack offers different value and makes buying land easier for players of all levels.

Small Pack – These packs will contain 1 piece of R-PLANET land and will cost $50 USD. There will be 2,000 Small packs available

Big Pack – These packs will contain 3 pieces of R-PLANET land and will cost $150 USD. There will be 1,000 large packs available.

Does R-PLANET land have unique attributes?

R-PLANET land will allow players to benefit from their unique features. Plots will differ by element and rarity. The rarity of the land does affect each pieces starting power. Below is the list of land types and the power they will begin with.

Starting extracting power of the Plot NFT by rarities:

common — 100

uncommon — 120

rare — 140

epic — 160

legendary — 180

mythic — 200

Can R-PLANET plots be upgraded?

RPLANET land will be versatile and like many other land NFT games the owner will have the option to upgrade the land. The teams medium post explains how this process will work:

Players can upgrade their plots using combinations of elements prepared during the evacuation. By combining materials created in the generator aboard the spaceship, players will be able to Upgrade their plots! The combination of elements needed for upgrade will be determined by the level of the plot.

Every upgrade multiplies the extracting power of the plot by 1.03.

The max level of the plot — 200.

These are certainly exciting times for the R-PLANET community and WAX Gamer will keep updated with all of the latest developments!

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