Idle Mining in the Metaverse With NFT Battle Miners

NFT Battle Miners is an interesting project that combines idle mining with NFTS! There are several different types of NFTS and each one plays a specific role in the game. Players combine their Land, Construction and Active NFTS to create fleets of powerful mining machines and reap rewards. One of the features that I found to be really interesting is that the game has its own marketplace within the UI. This makes searching and sorting NFTS a frictionless and enjoyable process.

Currently, there are two types of Mining Operations in the game, resource mining and NFT mining. Lets go over the cards used in these processes, and what the attributes on each NFT represents.

Land Cards – Land is used for mining the games four precious tokens, Actium, Fusium, Minium and Constructium. Players can also mine NFTS by launching expeditions on their lands. Battle Miners is different from games like Alien Worlds in that you have to own land and mining rigs in order to mine. However, land is more accessible in NFT Battle Miners than other games. Below are the attributes of land NFTS.

Active Cards – Active cards are NFTS that can be equipped and sent to your lands on Mining Operations. Active cards come in various types from Mining rigs to Battleships. However, the cards all have one thing in common, each card has resource mining and NFT mining powers that vary. The attributes of active NFTS are listed below.

Construction Cards – These cards are essentially buildings that you can place on your lands to provide extra mining power to your rigs. Each Construction card has unique attributes and if you use them wisely you can really increase resource and/or NFT production. The attributes of Construction NFTS are listed below.

Card Pieces – Once you have 5 you can blend them together for an active card.

When conducting mining operations players accumulate tokens in accordance to the overall power of their land X total mining power. Players can use the tokens that they accumulate to purchase packs and to upgrade their NFTS.

NFT Battle Miners also has a couple of mini-games that players can participate in while awaiting the launch of battles, which are scheduled to launch in December of 2021.

Overall, this is a fun game to play if you enjoy the extremely idle games. This game is ideal for a person that wants access to the utility aspect of NFTS but, has very little time to devote to it.

If you are interested in checking out NFT Battle Miners you can get started here:

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