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Alien Worlds Launches a New UI!

After a few silent months top blockchain game Alien Worlds recently released a new UI, and is teasing much more. A missions tab is also visible inside the new UI and the game certainly seems close to launching the highly anticipated functionality. Let’s dive… Continue Reading “Alien Worlds Launches a New UI!”

Wax Gamer’s Halloween Extravaganza!

You are invited to Wax Gamer’s Halloween Extravaganza! A 10 Day mining event on 4 Alien Worlds lands! Creepy Creature NFTS will be dropped daily on the 4 lands pictured below! Go to Nefty Blocks and blend the 3 creatures to receive a ticket!… Continue Reading “Wax Gamer’s Halloween Extravaganza!”

Alien Worlds: Game Etiquette

Alien Worlds is quickly becoming the premier blockchain game. You might have just recently found this amazing game and are now asking yourself what the point of this article is? There area few things to keep in mind when playing Alien Worlds, certain tactics… Continue Reading “Alien Worlds: Game Etiquette”

Alien Worlds: Getting Started

You might have recently stumbled onto the world’s #1 blockchain game Alien Worlds and are wondering what the hype is all about? The website is cutting edge and does a marvelous job of leading you to the games interface, the Federation even gives you… Continue Reading “Alien Worlds: Getting Started”

Alien Worlds: A Logical Look at Buying Land

Players have been flooding to the world’s #1 blockchain game Alien Worlds and many are now asking if land is worth the investment? Over the past month, the price of a piece of land has basically tripled, as people are finding many different use… Continue Reading “Alien Worlds: A Logical Look at Buying Land”

Alien Worlds: Governance Race Heats Up

The past few months have seemingly flown by in the Alien Worlds metaverse. The game has already rolled out a number of new updates including shining tools and faces/avatars. Several new features are also coming to the game soon, including launching on Binance Smartchain,… Continue Reading “Alien Worlds: Governance Race Heats Up”

Alien Worlds is now the #1 DAPP Game!

Alien Worlds is now the #1 DAPP Game in the world on a 24 hours basis. The game has had a series of positive news stories break this week, in turn that caused users and transactions to grow considerably. The DAPP gaming landscape certainly… Continue Reading “Alien Worlds is now the #1 DAPP Game!”

Alien Worlds Trilium and NFTS Are Coming to BINANCE Smart Chain

Over the past month Alien World’s has been among the fastest growing games in the world! The good news simply continues to roll in for the project as another huge deal was announced on Wednesday afternoon that will bring Alien Worlds Trilium and NFTS… Continue Reading “Alien Worlds Trilium and NFTS Are Coming to BINANCE Smart Chain”

How does tool multipliers work in Alien Worlds?

The first time buying tools to use in the game Alien Worlds can be a bit of a intimidating process. The Atomic Assets market place is full of unique looking tools to choose from, but what should you purchase? The chart above breaks down… Continue Reading “How does tool multipliers work in Alien Worlds?”

Alien Worlds Raises 2 Million in Private Sale of Trilium Token

Alien Worlds developers announced on Monday that 2 million dollars worth of Trilium has been bought bet several private investors. Check out the video for the full story.