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Space Heroes Dropping NFTS on Wax Gamer Lands for 6 Days!!

Oops, we did it again! In another first for the Alien Worlds Metaverse, Space Heroes will be dropping their amazing NFTS for 6 days on Wax Gamer’s Alien Worlds Lands! The good news for Wax Gamer miners is that Space Heroes NFTS will be… Continue Reading “Space Heroes Dropping NFTS on Wax Gamer Lands for 6 Days!!”

Wax Gamer’s NFT Harvest!

Fresh off the heels of a very successful Halloween event we decided to go big or go home for our next one! The team over at C-11 has graciously added 1,000 NFTS from their intergalactic sports project to this event! The game is literally… Continue Reading “Wax Gamer’s NFT Harvest!”

Starcards and Wax Gamer’s Halloween Extravaganza Results!

The witching hour has officially come and gone and another exciting event is in the books. I would like to thank everyone for participating and a special thanks to the contributors Starcards and RJ Saints. I am proud to announce that over the course… Continue Reading “Starcards and Wax Gamer’s Halloween Extravaganza Results!”

Alien Comics

If you are interested in Alien Comics you can pick some up here: https://wax.atomichub.io/market?collection_name=alienfansart&order=asc&schema_name=alien.comics&sort=price&symbol=WAX

RJ Saints: Unique Digital Art on Wax

When thinking about art, in a modern sense at least, it’s almost impossible not to envision placing digital art on the walls of a digital home. Thanks to VR technology these sorts of art exhibits and displays are becoming more common. I have already… Continue Reading “RJ Saints: Unique Digital Art on Wax”