As an Alpha colonist, you have a coveted opportunity to purchase land & building rights in one of the hottest projects in the crypto  / NFT space. The Uplift has attracted some of the coolest cats and companies in the blockchain and crypto world: Wax.io, EOSUSA, Divi Project, Alienworlds and so many more! So come, stake your flag, create, and have fun.

Land Keys for Settlers

On Saturday, March 6th, the Land Key NFT vault opens for the first time. These Land Keys give you exclusive building permissions for a certain tract of land (see details below). Land Keys in The Uplift can only be purchased with wax crypto. This blockchain-based purchase guarantees you a RANDOM plot of land – just keep the key in your WAX wallet.

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Uplift: Minecraft Meets WAX

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A Closer Look at Automation’s Role in the Blockchain Gaming Metaverse

Today’s blockchain gaming climate brings diverse challenges to the development teams from every project in this ever-growing space. A portion of players crank up their gaming a level by running scripts to automate their accounts, with some going as far as to create entire fleets of automated accounts. Whether the game be on Ethereum, WAX…

Wax Gamer and NFT Draft Present a Holiday Festival

Santa Claus is coming to Naron, and he is bringing a big bag of gifts to Wax Gamer miners! We generally go big or go home, so in typical Wax Gamer fashion we are adding 900 NFTS to the 200 packs that NFT Draft is dropping! That means that over 1,100 NFTS will be dropping…

Are you Ready for Some Football? NFTDRAFT.io Event Starts Soon!

After a successful and fun Thanksgiving competition what better way to get into the holiday spirit than with some good old fashioned American Football! The amazing team over at nftdraft.io have graciously donated 200 promo packs that we will be rewarding to lucky miners from December 18th – January 2nd. What is NFT draft? Superior…

Farming Tales: Where NFTS Meet Farming Utility on Wax

Farming Tales is one of the more intriguing games on the WAX blockchain, in that the team blends NFTS with real life ownership of goods. Players can choose to farm resources and/or own the actual rights to various plants, trees, and even a few honey producing bees. In an era of organic overload this game…


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