Alien Art Mining

These are the official Alien Worlds lands of Wax Gamer/Alien Art. To win free Alien Art and Blockchain Blumpas (our whitelisted NFT collections) simply join us on discord and look for the mining contests and giveaways. For more on Alien Art check out this link. Join us on discord for fun giveaways almost 7 days a week! Hope to see you there!!

Alien Comics

This series is a fictional fan comic series that will slowly tell the story, one cover at a time, of the origins of Alien Worlds. These rare pieces are limited to 100 copies per issue. There is also a special Galaxy Edition (pictured) of each print limited to 25 copies. More info here. To purchase Alien Art from the Atomic Assets marketplace click here.

Latest issue:

#5. ‘Rocky Beginning’ – After struggling to hold their ships together while travelling through the wormhole, the humans barely survive their landing on the rocky outskirts of Kavian. The new explorers see the potential of the new world, but setting up initial outposts are a monumental task for the weary group of travelers. The first days on the new world will be the most challenging the human race has ever faced, and will ultimately decide the fate of humanity. Will the humans setup a command center and find resources before their supplies are consumed? (This piece is limited to 100 copies.)

Blockchain Blumpas

A collection of cute blobby aliens wandering the metaverse exploring, and searching for new homes. (Twitter: @BBlumpas)

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Stardcards and Wax Gamer Present a Halloween Extravaganza!

Somehow Wax Gamer’s Halloween Extravaganza is even more amazing today! We are proud to announce that major art and rock NFT creators Starcards are joining the event, and dropping 225 NFTS, in addition to our 225 NFTS! This 10 day free-for-all is going to be an event for the ages!! Join us on the 4…

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The past few months have seen the advent of dozens of new projects on the WAX blockchain. One such game is Journey to Godhood. This brilliantly simple game combines NFTS with Discords already robust capabilities to create a fascinating text and image based rpg game. Players begin by logging into a market place such as…

Idle Mining in the Metaverse With NFT Battle Miners

NFT Battle Miners is an interesting project that combines idle mining with NFTS! There are several different types of NFTS and each one plays a specific role in the game. Players combine their Land, Construction and Active NFTS to create fleets of powerful mining machines and reap rewards. One of the features that I found…


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