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Wax Gamer serves as the hub of the thriving Alien Art community, centered around the immensely popular game, Alien Worlds. Our primary objective is to welcome and assist new players in navigating the Alien Worlds metaverse. To achieve this, we host engaging trivia sessions thrice a week, where we reward the participants with coveted Alien Worlds NFTs. Moreover, we collaborate with projects to ensure the smooth distribution of NFTs to Alien Worlds players. Join our Discord community to interact with some of the warmest and most knowledgeable folks in the WAX ecosystem, who are always eager to answer your questions and provide guidance.

These are the official Alien Worlds lands of Wax Gamer/Alien Art:

Naron 33:18
Naron 25:9
Kavian 39:10
Magor 38:14

To acquire free Alien Art and Blockchain Blumpas (our whitelisted NFT collections) simply join us on discord and look for the mining contests and giveaways. Join us on discord for fun giveaways! See the current schedule in the below graphic. Hope to see you there!!

Alien Comics

Read the complete story and find out more here:

Blockchain Blumpas

A collection of cute blobby aliens wandering the metaverse exploring, and searching for new homes. (Twitter: @BBlumpas)

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