Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds is a decentralized (defi) NFT metaverse game where players can collect and play with unique digital items. The game is built on the WAX blockchain and utilizes an ERC-20 fungible token called Trilium. Players can earn Trilium through gameplay and participation in Planet DACs (decentralized autonomous organizations). Planets within the game are also DAOs and receive Trilium every day, which is managed by the Planet’s custodians. The setting of the game is in 2055, where some of Earth’s inhabitants have discovered a way to escape the pandemics on Earth through a wormhole that led to far-flung exoplanets. Alien Worlds allows players to govern their own communities and create their own rules, making it a unique and exciting gaming experience.

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5 Reasons why Gamified DAOs are the Future

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) have taken on many different forms since their inception, and one unique example can be found in Alien Worlds. In this game, DAOs are referred to as “Planetary Syndicates,” and each of the game’s six planets is a separate DAO. These Planetary Syndicates elect custodians and compete against each other for…

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