Alien Worlds Launches a New UI!

After a few silent months top blockchain game Alien Worlds recently released a new UI, and is teasing much more. A missions tab is also visible inside the new UI and the game certainly seems close to launching the highly anticipated functionality. Let’s dive into the upgrades.

What’s new in the UI? That’s a great question! Let’s cover some of the major improvements.

  • Mining and claiming are much faster processes now
  • A modern design with a slick and seamless interface
  • Players now have the ability to equip multiple copies of the same tool within the UI
  • Shining and Teleport functionality now exists within the UI
  • Planetary information is available for players to see, including commission rate
  • Missions tab added

Reports indicate that Missions launch will be next followed by the return of NFTS drops. The team is also hard at work on a new interactive map of each of the 6 planets.

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