6 Reasons Why Alien Worlds Has a Promising Future

2021 has brought a wave of new people and projects into the blockchain gaming space. After such an intense surge in popularity, the next downturn is almost certain to separate the projects with staying power from the ones that are in this space for a quick buck. When looking for games to play in this space, I look for projects with the proper team, backing, and vision to make it through the inevitable intense swings in momentum. Alien Worlds is one of those projects, and today I would like to go over the top 6 reasons why I believe in Alien Worlds is here to stay.

#1. The Team: After rocketing up the charts upon release, the team was grateful for the success but continued to focus on the game and it’s underlying architecture. The team quickly realized that the existing UI would not scale properly in the long-run, and decided to switch to an easily scalable, and less error prone interface. This task isn’t as easy as it sounds for an upstart company with limited developmental resources at their disposal. Over the first 6 months the team forged new relationships, (Binance) implemented shining, and simultaneously pursued specific candidates to round out the development team. Once the team was fully in place, the first move was to roll out a the new UI. The team is currently working on Planet Binance Missions, which are rumored to be coming in the near future.

#2. The Vision: The vision of the founders of Alien Worlds is essentially summed up by the ending of the movie ‘Ready Player One’, except with on huge catch, everyone of us is ‘Parzival’, and anyone can leave an imprint on the Metaverse. Players control their own destiny, and have the power to create real businesses, and meaningful relationships in this space. The icing on the cake is that it’s not only allowed, but encouraged.

#3. Governance: Planetary governance is a feature that still might be quite a ways off, but what it brings is an interesting chance for players to fully control and decide how each planets treasury is spent. This means that real players will essentially shape the future of each planet. This is an important aspect of the game that often goes overlooked by players.

#4. Planet Binance Missions: Players looking for additional use cases for their Trilium shouldn’t have to wait much longer. Missions will provide everyone a chance to lease spacecrafts to send on missions. Each mission has exclusive NFTS and a pool of Trilium to reward.

#5. The return of NFT drops: Who doesn’t like to have a shot at winning a nice NFT prize just for participating? Alien Worlds will provide this opportunity to the games loyal players for the second time in the very near future. If the game didn’t care about it’s real-players they certainly wouldn’t have turned NFT drops off in order to shore up their bot detection system.

#6. Cost to play: Alien Worlds initial cost is among the lowest, and possibly the lowest entry cost for a play to earn game on the WAX blockchain. The game provides new players with NFTS to start, and WAX resources to mine 10-20 times.

Overall, there are several promising projects in the blockchain gaming space. But only a few stand out above the rest, and Alien Worlds is certainly one of those games.

If you are interested in playing Alien Worlds you can get started for free here: https://alienworlds.io/

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