Starcards and Wax Gamer Present a Halloween Extravaganza!

Somehow Wax Gamer’s Halloween Extravaganza is even more amazing today! We are proud to announce that major art and rock NFT creators Starcards are joining the event, and dropping 225 NFTS, in addition to our 225 NFTS! This 10 day free-for-all is going to be an event for the ages!! Join us on the 4 lands below on October 21st at 00:00 UTC, the event ends on October 31st at 23:59 UTC! Shards will be rewarded once per day! The more you mine, the better your odds of receiving shards!!

10-24 UPDATE: To see the latest shards drops and news form the event then check out this article:

Starcards Rewards

Pumpkin Shards are rumored to be scattered across WAX Gamer’s lands! Simply mine and collect the 3 pumpkin shards! Combine the shards on Nefty Blocks to receive a unique piece of art from one of the OGs in the WAX space!

Nothing says Halloween like the rock-n-roll gore provided by Victor and Rob from Starcards. The 3 pumpkin shards will produce a one of a kind rare piece titled ‘The Wax’ that fans will surely treasure. Each pumpkin shard is limited to 75 mints, so you better get to mining at 00:00 UTC on October 21st! Check out Starcards official Telegram for more information:

Starcards will be hosting intriguing games on their website, with daily leaderboard challenges, and multiple games that will reward the best players with amazing NFTs. For more information check out their official website:

Wax Gamer rewards

Creepy Creature NFTS will be randomly dropped daily (NFT luck does not matter) on the 4 lands pictured below! Go to Nefty Blocks and blend the 3 creatures to receive a ticket! The more you mine means more chances at receiving a ticket each day. Collect as many tickets as you can during the event! Players that have tickets in their Wax wallets on November 1st will be rewarded prizes! Rankings are determined by total number of tickets held on November 1st! But, you have to hurry! This mining event only lasts for 10 days, and each Creepy Creature shard is limited to 75 mints!

Prizes are as follows (rankings are based on total tickets):

1st Place: Alien Worlds Tool: Advanced TD
2nd-3rd Place: Alien Worlds Tool: Barrel Digger
4th-5th Place: 25 WAX
6th-20th Place: 5 WAX
21st-??? Place: 3 WAX

Everyone with a ticket will receive a prize! Mine on any of the 4 lands below to receive Creepy Creature Shards! The madness begins on October 21 at 00:00 UTC and ends on October 31st at 23:59 UTC!

Blend your Creepy Creature Shards here:


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