Cryptomines Brings Space Exploration to BSC

2021 has brought a slew of new games to blockchains. Another new title is Cryptomines, which is unique in that it’s Binance Smart Chain’s first highly successful space exploration game. The functionality is currently straight forward, and very simple. However, this makes the games features very clear to new players. In this article we will launch into space and explore Cryptomines!

To get started simply connect your Metamask wallet and allow the games token (Eternal) to be added. This token is used for in game purchases like Spaceships and Workers. Once you have a few Eternal Tokens in your wallet you can head on over to the market place and check out the Spaceships and Workers. One cool feature about this game is the fact that the marketplace exists within the UI. Spaceships and workers have five different levels ranging from 1-5 stars, with 1 star being the least productive and 5 star being the most powerful and desired NFTS in the game.

You can choose to mint new Spaceships, but its certainly a crap shoot, and the majority of those minted are of the 1 star variety. If you just want a couple of cheap ships then it’s best to purchase the 1 star ones off of the market, for 1/5 the cost. A one star Spaceship can seat one Worker, a 2 star Spaceship can seat 2 workers and so on. A five star Spaceship can seat 5 workers but are generally much more expensive on the market and are very difficult to mint.

Now that you have your Spaceships you need to hire some Workers to staff them. You can also find workers seeking employment in the market. Workers range in power from 1-5 stars and their star ranking generally corresponds to the amount of mining power that each worker possesses. Keep in mind that you will need at least 100 mining power to participate in the first tier of missions, which does reward almost a third of an Eternal token each day! But, here’s the catch! Each mining mission also has a chance at failure, with the higher tier missions having a higher % chance of not returning any Eternal. The lowest tier mission has a 88% chance of succeeding each day, with your odds becoming slightly lower with every tier and reward level you rise.

Overall Cryptomines is a great idle crypto-game to play, especially for those of us without much time on our hands. If you are interested in playing Cryptomines then check out their website:

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