MY Defi Pet Brings Pokemon Style Pets to BSC

WAX isn’t the only blockchain with an emerging gaming scene. Binance Smart Chain or BSC has seen several projects jump on board this year, and the trend only seems to be growing. Low gas fees and easy access via Metamask wallet makes this chain attractive to many upstart projects, including My Defi Pet. My Defi Pet is a game where owners hatch, tame rasie, breed, stake and battle pets for rewards. The games native token is D-pet which can easily be acquired within the Metamask wallet.

My Defi Pet places players on their very own pet breeding farm where cages will need to be built and farming plots will need to be harvested in order to progress.

Getting your first pet is easy! Simply click on the incubator and then purchase an egg to hatch for 3 DPET tokens. Each pet has different feature that make them more rare/powerful. Place you pet in a cage and start harvesting silver. You can then use this silver to plant different types of food on your farm plots. Harvest the food and feed it to your pets to level them up!

The game also has a breeding feature where which allows player to send 2 pets (level 11 or higher) to the ‘happy forest’ to create a new pet!

Other features like hunting and boss fights earn you additional rewards like food and tokens. The game also has a marketplace coming in the very near future where players will have the option to buy and sell pets within the UI.

Overall, My Defi Pet is an interesting game with some of the most advanced functionality in the blockchain gaming space. The game is certainly a front runner to be the dominant Axie style game on BSC.

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