Alien Worlds Launches Planet Binance Missions

In a move that I’ll coin as ‘one small step for Alien Worlds and one gigantic leap for the Metaverse’ Alien Worlds has launched Planet Binance Missions! Spacecraft are already boldly going where no crypto-craft has gone before, and cross-chain gaming mechanics are a full go. What does this mean for the average player in the game? Let’s take a deeper dive into Alien Worlds Missions.

Players will not need a Binance account to participate in missions but, a Metamask wallet with BNB in it will be required. BNB can be acquired on many different exchanges making US players eligible for missions.

You will need to have Trilium (TLM) on the Binance Smart Chain or BSC network to lease spacecraft. This TLM token is a BEP20 token. You can easily move your Trilium back and forth across chains with Alien Worlds Teleport. Pay attention during this step and make sure to transfer your tokens to the BSC chain and not the Ethereum chain to avoid high gas fees when claiming. It is worth noting that 100 Trilium is the minimum amount that can be teleported. Another thing to keep in mind is that Alien Worlds teleport does work on mobile devices.

Please make sure that you have BNB in your Metamask Wallet as it will be required for gas fees (aprox 11 cents) for the following transactions:

  • Claiming the Teleport
  • Leasing Spacecraft
  • Claiming Rewards

The Missions UI is user-friendly and easy to understand. Each mission has a different cost and duration. For example the above ‘Planetary Scouting’ mission is a 2 week mission and 40,000 Trilium will be divided evenly among all of the participants. In addition to the Trilium rewards players will also receive mission exclusive NFTS for up to the first 5 spacecraft leased.

By looking at the graphic above we can see that each spacecraft on this mission will receive a rare Alien Worlds NFT (Up to 5 per person) and 5.125 Trilium. Each player can lease as many spacecraft as they like per mission and Trilium for each craft is returned after each mission. Don’t forget to check your missions log again at the end of the mission to claim you rewards!

Alien Worlds missions essentially works as a staking mechanism for Trilium, but with awesome rewards and gamification.

Overall, Alien Worlds Missions is a great way to make use of Trilium, and to top it off leasing spacecraft and claiming rewards only takes seconds. So what are you waiting for? Ready your ships, and prepare for launch!

If you are interested in playing Alien Worlds you can begin your journey here:

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