Farming Tales: Where NFTS Meet Farming Utility on Wax

Farming Tales is one of the more intriguing games on the WAX blockchain, in that the team blends NFTS with real life ownership of goods. Players can choose to farm resources and/or own the actual rights to various plants, trees, and even a few honey producing bees. In an era of organic overload this game might have the type of traction needed to go the distance in the WAX game space. In today’s article I will throw on my overalls, head out to the farm, and take a closer look at the mechanics of Farming Tales.

Owners actually own physical products. For example owning a hive will produce real honey that you can choose to take ownership of. Players can also choose to have the products sold on the market and receive Wax in return.

Farmers can stake assets such as bees to an owners bee hive to start their own production. The owner of the asset receives a percentage of farmers production.

At the end of each season the various plants are harvested in real-life and the farmers and owners divide the crop based on the game mechanics outlined above.


Ownership is achieved by completing various NFT collections. For example in order to own Hives you must complete the Beekeeper collection. Collections consist of 10 elements that can obtained in various way throughout the season, including pack and auction sales.

Blend these objects to create an NFT land that is connected to a real asset, of which you become the owner.


To become a farmer it is required to hold one of the assets considered “main objects”. These NFTS will then need to be staked.

The Market

During the course of gameplay, player might find that they need more of one resource or have a surplus of another. For example, animals will need veggies and water. This is why a market exists in the game so players can swap resources with one another, just as farmers would in the real world.


By holding farm NFTS you will receive SEST which is the games token. In the future there will be items in the village shops that players can purchase as well.


Farming Tales also launched brand new gameplay functionality today! See you on the farm!

If you are interested in Farming Tales then check out their official website and discord below.

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