Wax Gamer and NFT Draft Present a Holiday Festival

Santa Claus is coming to Naron, and he is bringing a big bag of gifts to Wax Gamer miners! We generally go big or go home, so in typical Wax Gamer fashion we are adding 900 NFTS to the 200 packs that NFT Draft is dropping! That means that over 1,100 NFTS will be dropping to the awesome people that call Wax Gamer’s lands their home in Alien Worlds.

There are 3 Holiday Festival shards that will be dropping on the lands pictured below! Collect Wax Gamer’s Sleigh, Reindeer, and Presents, then blend the 3 shards on Nefty Blocks to receive a ticket! Each ticket will be worth 1 WAX. The top 10 ticket holders will win the prizes listed below! To learn more about NFT Draft check out our article about that portion of the event.

Rules: Simply mine on any of the 4 lands pictured above to have a chance at receiving Wax Gamer’s Holiday Festival shards and NFT Draft promo packs! More attempts = more luck. Blend the shards on Nefty Blocks to receive tickets.


1st-3rd: Basic Trilium Detector
4th -7th: ExoGloves
8th-10th: 3 NFT Draft Promo Packs

Each ticket is worth 1 Wax. Ticket snapshot will be taken on January 6th, 2022, at 23:59 UTC.

*Total tickets held will determine the winners of the Wax Gamer portion of the event. Tickets + shards will be used as a tiebreaker.

In addition, the amazing team over at NFT Draft are dropping 200 promo packs throughout the event! Read more about that portion of the event here.

Begins: December 18th at 00:00 UTC

Ends: January 2nd at 23:59 UTC

NFTS will drop every 48 hours at or around 00:00 UTC

Blend: https://neftyblocks.com/c/alienfansart/blends

*Commision will be set to 10% for the duration of this event

Follow the drops: https://beta.alienworlds.ricardooow.tech/

Join the community: https://discord.gg/mwPVtxR9SR

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