Starcards and Wax Gamer’s Halloween Extravaganza Results!

The witching hour has officially come and gone and another exciting event is in the books. I would like to thank everyone for participating and a special thanks to the contributors Starcards and RJ Saints. I am proud to announce that over the course of 10 days we dropped over 700 NFTS on lucky miners. Well over 1000 miners participated in this event! To see the NFTS that were dropped check out our leaderboard!

Starcards: The world renowned team over at Starcards perfectly blend NFT creation with rock-n-roll gore, and they were kind enough to drop 225 Season of the Witch shards during our 10 day event. Blend the pumpkin shards on NEFTY Blocks for a one of a kind piece of art that is appropriately titled ‘The Wax’. You can blend your Stardcards shards here.

Check out Starcards official Telegram to join the madness:

Starcards will be hosting intriguing games on their website, with daily leaderboard challenges, and multiple games that will reward the best players with amazing NFTs. For more information check out their official website:

WAX Gamer Event: 225 Creepy Creature NFT shards were dropped to random miners that mined on WAX Gamers lands over the course of the 10 day event! Rankings were determined by total number of tickets held on November 1st at 23:59 UTC. Below are the final standings and the winners will be rewarded in the next 72 hours. *Tiebreaker is determined by shards held

  1. dzsba.wam (6 tickets) – Advanced TD
  2. 45mua.wam (3 tickets, 1 shard) – Barrell Digger
  3. vbbce.wam (3 tickets, 0 shard) – Barrell Digger
  4. onbfg.wam (2 tickets) – 25 WAX
  5. pi1bq.wam (1 ticket, 3 shards) – 25 WAX
  6. sucb.wam (1 ticket, 2 shards) – 5 WAX
  7. qdvra.wam (1 ticket, 1 shards) – 5 WAX
  8. s43gq.wam (1 ticket, 0 shards) – 5 WAX
  9. qsvri.wam (1 ticket, 0 shards) – 5 WAX
  10. otoqw.wam (1 ticket, 0 shards) – 5 WAX
  11. .tnwo.wam (1 ticket, 0 shards) – 5 WAX
  12. 43424.wam (1 ticket, 0 shards) – 5 WAX
  13. ix2x.wam (1 ticket, 0 shards) – 5 WAX
  14. ijlh2.wam (1 ticket, 0 shards) – 5 WAX
  15. ev.he.wam (1 ticket, 0 shards) – 5 WAX
  16. biwca.wam (1 ticket, 0 shards) – 5 WAX
  17. ajfhc.wam (1 ticket, 0 shards) – 5 WAX
  18. miaw4.wam (1 ticket, 0 shards) – 5 WAX

3 amazing Alien Worlds tools and 115 WAX in prizes will be sent out to the winners over the course of the next 72 hours! You might be asking yourself what you can do with your unused shards from this event? Well hold onto them because they might be redeemable in a future event.

Thanks again to everyone that participated! Stay tuned to Wax Gamer for more exciting events and news from around the blockchain gaming space.

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