Unleash Your Creativity in Alien Worlds with Galactic Hubs

The Galactic Hubs grant program is a community-driven initiative that aims to support creators and builders, drive innovation, and expand the Alien Worlds metaverse. With a focus on diversity and inclusivity, Galactic Hubs has approved six game applications for development in Season 2, which runs through 2023.

The grant program seeks to create a more diverse and exciting ecosystem of games that appeal to a broader range of players. By using NFTs and Trilium, Alien Worlds Explorers can now compete in new ways across the metaverse. The grant program also encourages community-generated content that can enrich the lore of Alien Worlds and foster discussions among members of the metaverse.

A thriving metaverse requires a strong foundation of tools and infrastructure, which is why Galactic Hubs continues to support tooling development. In Season 2, the grant program has approved a range of projects that support community integration, decentralization, and engagement.

One such project is the Battledome Syndicate Toolset by Restack.AI, which aims to enhance the Battledome game by developing a set of tools and processes that improve player and DAO engagement. Another project, Battlefleet Armageddon, is an auto battler game set in space, where players control a fleet of ships from different factions.

Galactic Standoff, created by Tentree Studios, is a mass multiplayer PVP strategy game that allows players to pledge allegiance to decentralized Starbases, upgrade and defend their bases, and earn power-ups to become the strongest Starbase. Meanwhile, Trilium Quest is an MMORPG set in an immersive open world with six unique planets, each with its own story and lore.

In addition to game development, the grant program also supports community-generated content. For example, the Unreal Worlds animation project seeks to continue the story of four characters in the Alien Worlds metaverse through high-quality art and intriguing storytelling.

Other projects approved for development in Season 2 include the A2 Boss Battle community event in the Acryptia card game, the Alien Worlds Community TV YouTube channel, the Alien Worlds Community Avatar Maker platform, and the Wombat Dungeon Master game.

To participate in the Galactic Hubs grant program, builders can apply online. As the grant program continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible in blockchain gaming and NFTs, the Alien Worlds metaverse is poised for continued growth and development.

Apply for a grant today: https://ghubs.io