Alien Worlds Tool Balancing Update is Live!

Alien Worlds has recently received its second update to the mining game based on community input. The update features a new series of orbital Trilium-detection sensory satellites that are now operational for all six planets, providing even more precise Trilium locational and pocket density information. This information can be analyzed by more sophisticated mining tools to more efficiently mine a given tract of land.

One of the primary changes in the update is the implementation of dedicated pools of Trilium rewards that can only be accessed by tools of a certain rarity. This means that players with rarer tools can potentially create strategies that mine more Trilium. Explorers select across pools to mine with multiple tools, with each pool contributing a percentage of the total mined based on the strategy being deployed by the player and the rarity of the tools being used.

The update is the result of community collaboration, based on a suggestion from Explorer FifthAce, a prominent member of the Alien Worlds community and a Galactic Hubs grant recipient. The game developers have stated that they will continue to make tool balancing adjustments as needed in the near term, with specific levels expected to adjust over time to result in the best experience for players.

The Alien Worlds mining game is unique in that it operates on the blockchain, allowing players to earn cryptocurrency rewards for their gameplay. Player’s mine Trilium, the game’s cryptocurrency, Trilium (TLM). This system has created a vibrant and engaged community of players who work together to improve the game experience and earn rewards.

The Alien Worlds team has demonstrated a commitment to listening to its community and implementing changes based on their suggestions. This approach has helped the game evolve and remain engaging for players over time. The new structure implemented in the update is shown in the table below.

Tool Rarity % of Trilium

The second balancing update to the Alien Worlds mining game demonstrates the continued importance of community collaboration in implementing changes to the game. The addition of new sensory satellites and the implementation of dedicated pools of Trilium rewards will provide players with even more opportunities to strategize and earn rewards. It will be exciting to see how the Alien Worlds community responds to these changes and how they continue to shape the game’s development in the future.

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For more news about this update check out the article on the Alien Worlds Medium account.

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