How to Mine with Alien Worlds Tools in 2023

For those who are new to Alien Worlds, understanding the different numbers on your mining tools and the land you choose to mine on can be a bit overwhelming. However, with a little bit of guidance, you can optimize your mining setup and start mining more Trilium and NFT points.

Let’s break down what these numbers mean. The top left number on the land represents the Trilium mining multiplier, while the bottom right number represents the NFT point multiplier. The charge time number represents the time that is multiplied by your tools’ total charge time.

It’s important to note that if you use multiple tools, you’ll receive a discount on charge time. For example, if you use two tools simultaneously, your fastest charging tool’s time is cut in half. If you use three tools, the fastest tool’s time is excluded altogether.

When choosing a land to mine on, you should consider several factors, including what you want to mine for, how long you want to wait between mining attempts, and the rarity of your tools. It’s also worth checking which planet has the highest mining pools for your chosen rarity at the time (You can do this at the bottom of our homepage.

If you plan to mine for Trilium, choose a land with a higher Trilium multiplier and use tools with a higher Trilium mining power. Similarly, if you want to mine for NFT points, choose a land with a higher NFT point multiplier. Note that the Standard Drill shows NFT power but does not currently accumulate NFT points.

If you plan to mine frequently, it’s best to use tools with a quick charge time. However, if you only want to mine a few times a day, consider using tools with a longer charge time.

To make tracking rarity pools easier, check out the current mining pools at the bottom of the Wax Gamer homepage. Remember that your tools interact with the land multipliers, so simply add your charge times together and multiply them by your chosen land plots’ multipliers.

Feel free to save a copy of the graphics in this article. Use them for quick reference and share them with your fellow Alien Worlds players!

Alien Worlds offers an exciting opportunity to earn Trilium and NFT points through mining. By understanding the numbers on your tools and land, you can optimize your mining setup and increase your performance. So why not give it a try and start playing Alien Worlds today?

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