Alien Worlds Trilium and NFTS Are Coming to BINANCE Smart Chain

Over the past month Alien World’s has been among the fastest growing games in the world! The good news simply continues to roll in for the project as another huge deal was announced on Wednesday afternoon that will bring Alien Worlds Trilium and NFTS to Binance’s Smart Chain.

The projects official Medium account broke the good news to fans of the game in a post on Wednesday afternoon, which in turn caused the price of the games cryptocurrency (TLM) to rise considerably for the second day in a row. As of the writing of this article, the price of Trlilium is up more than 100% for the week.

The way the project is being brought to Binance isn’t by simply just adding their tokens for trading on the platform. This quote from the teams post does a marvelous job of explaining the way the team will deploy the plan:

‘As part of our vision for users to experience ‘invisible blockchain’ tech underpinning their gaming, we are delighted to announce that we are deploying the following elements on BSC, which is an EVM compatible chain benefiting from low gas fees and providing access to the reach and power of the Binance ecosystem. The Alien Worlds deployment on BSC involves:

  • Deploying Trilium onto BSC: teleport functionality and UI opened to users so that users can teleport their Trilium from BSC to WAX to Ethereum
  • Deploying a series of Binance Mission NFTs onto BSC
  • Dedicated “Binance missions” where users send their spaceship on missions of various durations — 1 week, 2 week, 1 month and 3 month “missions” with Trilium and special NFT rewards claimable at mission end’

The process does sound quite complex for sure, but does this mean Alien Worlds is switching blockchains? Game creator Michael Yeates said the following when asked that very question:

‘No, we are adding extra elements on that chain
extending, not moving the main game will always be on wax and the other chains are just extras’

Exciting times indeed for blockchain gaming and the entire NFT space!

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