How does tool multipliers work in Alien Worlds?

The first-time buying tools to use in the game Alien Worlds can be a bit of a intimidating process. The Atomic Assets marketplace is full of unique looking tools to choose from, but what should you purchase? The graphics breaks down this process for us. Something to keep in mind is that tool charge time changes as you equip more tools:

Charge Time Discounts

  • There are two mining charge time discounts, which will allow you to optimize your setup:
  • (with 3 tools the lowest charge time isn’t counted)
  • (with 2 tools the lower charge time is halved)

Therefore you could get 2-3 x of the same tools, or combination of two or three tools with similar charge times for optimal build with better flexibility. Max. mining power is 80% so that is something to keep in mind as well when deciding on tools.