Alien Worlds is now the #1 DAPP Game!

Alien Worlds is now the #1 DAPP Game in the world on a 24 hours basis. The game has had a series of positive news stories break this week, in turn that caused users and transactions to grow considerably. The DAPP gaming landscape certainly is a fluid situation but the top players are seemingly starting to separate themselves from the pack.

Alien Worlds continues it’s run of positive momentum today as the project has reached another milestone by eclipsing 15 thousand users on a 24 hours basis for the first time in the games history. For those of you actually in the community this news probably does not come as a surprise, but the recent momentum has almost certainly caught the attention of new players and NFT enthusiast’s from around the globe.

On a 24 hour basis the games users are up almost 8% and the number of transactions in the game are up almost 9%. Alien Worlds is currently the #1 DAPP game on the market and the project doesn’t even have an official app for IOS or Android! The game’s likely top rival Upland (a 3d land trading game) does have an app and has held the #1 position for most of 2021. Alien Worlds also briefly passed Upland last week to claim the top spot according to DAPP Radar’s rankings, but quickly fell back to the #2 position.

The battle for blockchain gaming supremacy is surely only getting started and WAX Gamer will keep you updated as news develops.

Alien World’s is a blockchain based game that is set in 2055. In this fictional world humans were forced to flee the earth because of plagues and environmental disasters. The humans discovered a wormhole and with the help of aliens were able to escape earth in time to start over in a new metaverse with 6 planets. In this new metaverse the entire economy is tokenized and Trilium is the currency.

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