Alien Worlds: Game Etiquette

Alien Worlds is quickly becoming the premier blockchain game. You might have just recently found this amazing game and are now asking yourself what the point of this article is?

There area few things to keep in mind when playing Alien Worlds, certain tactics can actually get your account flagged as well. In this article I will go over a few of the things that players should avoid doing in the game. I am only sharing these tips because I have seen this happen to many unwitting players, and a few who were actually trying to game the system as well. I want you to be able to avoid these things, so you can enjoy your gaming experience in a healthy metaverse.

How do I know if my account is flagged?

When your account is flagged you will most certainly notice when mining. Regardless of the tools you are using you will only receive a fraction of 1 Trilium per attempt, usually this amount is in the .00003 to .00005 range.

Can I have multiple accounts

The game has a one account per person policy. Some of you might be wondering why you can’t just start account with every device in your home, or on an old phone or two. This is against the rules. These rules allow the game’s Trilium allotment to be fairly disbursed among explorers mining in the metaverse.

If you have a sibling living in your home with you they are allowed to play though, as long as everyone is over 18.

Can I use a bot to mine?

Using bots in the game Alien Worlds is not allowed. The game has significant countermeasures in place to ensure that the clicking being done is by humans. Trilium is a precious resource in the game and the developers want to ensure that the playing field is fair for every player. Using a bot or script will get your account flagged as well.

Can I mine 24 hours per day?

It is important to take care of your health and that you do not forget to sleep. As long as you behave like a human your account will be fine.

Why do these measures exist?

The flagging system exists to keep the game Alien Worlds fair for everyone. These measures should give potential players confidence, especially if you plan to invest in it. If you feel your account was unfairly flagged please leave a message on the games official discord support channel.

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