RJ Saints: Unique Digital Art on Wax

When thinking about art, in a modern sense at least, it’s almost impossible not to envision placing digital art on the walls of a digital home. Thanks to VR technology these sorts of art exhibits and displays are becoming more common. I have already began collecting a few pieces of digital art, and I am always searching for something fresh and new to add to my collection.

I recently found an emerging artist that is releasing several Alien Worlds inspired pieces! RJ Saints is a lifelong artist who has decided to try his hand at NFT creation. The great news for Wax Gamer readers is that these NFTS will be dropped on WAX Gamers lands as a promotion for the next 8 days!

I recently caught up with RJ Saints and asked the lifelong artist a few questions about his Alien Worlds inspired promotional pieces.

Wax Gamer: What inspires your art?

RJ Saints: ‘I do like to draw characters and landscapes to flow my creativity, since I was a kid.
Creating art, especially digital art relaxes me, and it comes natural to me because my father always motivated me to dream and create’

Wax Gamer: How long have you been creating art?

RJ Saints: ‘I have drawn since I was a kid, around 7 years old. I Graduated in graphic design in Brazil, specifically press off-set area.

Wax Gamer: What makes NFTS appealing to you?

RJ Saints: That’s a complex question, because I am pretty new to crypto-art, but my plan was get into it, before I played Alien Worlds. So the plan changed a bit. I started to play around after I minted some NFTS on OpenSea. But it’s a nice and safe way to interact with people through the Internet.

Wax Gamer’s lands (pictured below) are the exclusive place to receive RJ Saints promotional drops!

You can find out more about the current Alien Worlds mining event here: https://waxgamer.com/2021/10/19/stardcards-and-wax-gamer-present-a-halloween-extravaganza/

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