Alien Worlds: Governance Race Heats Up

The past few months have seemingly flown by in the Alien Worlds metaverse. The game has already rolled out a number of new updates including shining tools and faces/avatars. Several new features are also coming to the game soon, including launching on Binance Smartchain, new missions and of course the Thunderdome!!

But, before these things can be launched much more important business is at hand in the form of planetary governance. Each planet in the game will have 5 people chosen to represent it. Over the past 2 weeks the number of candidates on each planet has grown dramatically as the numbers below show us:

But why would someone be interested in running for a governance position in the metaverse? I recently caught up with a few of the candidates and asked them that very question.

Though the candidates have different platforms, doing good deeds seems to be at the core of the majority of the campaigns. Coneman who is a candidate on all six of the planets had this to say when asked what inspired him to run for governance.

I think I was inspired mainly because the mechanics facilitate being a big part of the community and having a voice in a sea of many individuals. I’ve always enjoyed leading and the social interactions that come with it.

Another player who goes by the username Your Daddy is hoping for a spot on Magor’s council has a more focused approach with his campaign, he simply hopes to “Help all those who mine on Magor.” He does seem to be enjoying the entire process though. ‘It’s like politics, we make decisions and either rejoice with greatness or reconsider to make a better decision.’

The appeal of being political in a totally new, almost futuristic way is also appealing to many of the candidates as well. When asked about this Coneman said:

‘AW governance is unique in the fact that it has a potentially huge impact in the long future of the game while breeding a community that is necessary for its survival, plus who doesn’t want the ability to set up fights for entertainment like a roman emperor.’

Another user by the name of Sharkyto is running for government on Veles and was kind enough to share his vision of the planets future with us:

‘I like Veles, we have many interesting ideas to make it the best planet in the game, and I’m sure we will succeed, the other planets will have to adapt and everyone will be happy. I think about new players, commissions, dedicated funds and many other ideas that can make Veles not only a great place, but the whole game a place where everyone can be sent home.’

Sharkyto went on to say that ‘I know it looks like an electoral proclamation, but I assure you that the ideas are clear, and the purpose is definitely not inclined to personal profit, on the contrary, quite the opposite.

Players from around the community are already building bonds in anticipation of a future where players will need to work together to accomplish larger goals. Good Vibes Mining had this to say when asked about what makes the game and upcoming elections so intriguing.

‘This metaverse is so much fun. We love it here. We have many ideas to make Veles a great place, and others that we think make the whole metaverse more fun!

In conjunction with David Lee the Alien Worlds Guide was created and is a good example of something we are doing now and will continue to do after the elections. This idea was sparked by Sharkyto’s thoughts on beginners needing help and would have been impossible without David Lee! (teamwork!!)’

Other candidates like Nathan, who is running on Naron had this to say when asked about how he would divide Naron’s daily Trilium allotment with the planets residents.

‘I would subsidize landowners who keep their commissions low. Give incentive to those who upgrade their land. I wouldn’t be against saving up to upgrade the planet, host competitions and give to charities. I would rather reward stakers to the planet as that would give incentive to miners to stake more to Naron. Maybe miners would be rewarded earlier on to get more people to stake to Naron.’

Alien Worlds lead developer Michael Yeates seems pleased with the way the list of candidates is starting to round out and said as much when we reached out for comment.

‘Yes I am very happy with the number of registrations we have had, I was a little worried that we would not get enough.’

But when will the elections take place. This quote from the teams official Medium page might provide a bit of insight:

It is important that Trilium be staked to a planet, as the governance functionality of that planet cannot be awarded to the Explorers until it reaches a sustainable level, in the eyes of the Federation.’

The links below are to each planets staking data.

The race for planetary dominance is starting to heat up that’s for sure and WAX Gamer will keep you updated with the latest news!

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